Docs: WooCommerce Customize My Account Page Plugin

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Customize My Account Page for WooCommerce is developed with a simple drag and drop builder. It is developed with custom content, internal & external links, and lots of endpoints. Thus, users can choose an avatar image for their profile. For specific user roles, you can enable or hide the endpoints.

Features Of Customize My Account

  • Allow for My account page drag & drop end-points builder.
  • Enable or hide the endpoints for a specific role for the user.
  • Slugs for custom end-points.

General Settings

Enable Module: You can enable/disable plugin functionality here.

Enable Avatar: You can allow to upload avatar.

Tabs Position: You can set position of tabs here.

Tabs Builder

Customize My Account plugin allow to add additional end points to the my account tabs and for that we have developed a builder. You can add as many endpoints as needed.

Single Tab Fields

Tab consist of link label, link URL, slug icon and user roles. Just selected user roles can see the tabs.

Frontend View of My Account Page

My Account Page with Default Layout

My Account Page with Right Sidebar