Build Up WooCommerce

build up woocommerce

Build Up WooCommerce

Build Up WooCommerce extension is developed with different features for the products. There are multiple custom product tabs for adding information. However, you can show them as accordions, sidebar tabs, and more.

Furthermore, global settings allow you to create product tabs, and each product assigns separately. You can also add a size chart popup to show extra information. Thus, these charts can be displayed on product pages, shop pages, and archive pages.

Key Features Of Build Up WooCommerce

  • You can add product tabs and view tabs.
  • You can add multiple charts of different sizes for products.
  • On the product page, shop page, and archive page, you can display size charts.
  • You can enable or hide the short description for the product, add description length and size styling.
  • Enable or hide the products inquiry WhatsApp tab on the single product page.
  • Allows you for timer and label at the shop page.
  • However, you can send an email for notification about the sales timer for the countdown.
  • Add time and date when products are available for sale.
  • Show product details through the pricing table.
  • Supports to enable or hide the product charts.
  • Supports for enable or hide the product charts.

Build Up Product Scheduler

You can enable or disable the option for product scheduler. Add custom text for before and after timer. However, you can also select start and end date for scheduled product with specific time.

build up woocommerce product scheduler

WhatsApp Order Basic Settings

Build up allows you to enable or hide WhatsApp inquiry for the products. However, you can also add a custom number for WhatsApp. Furthermore, you can add a short description as well.

Where To Get The Plugin

Build Up WooCommerce plugin allows you to schedule your products, set product size charts, and add a custom product description. If you want to download the plugin please Click here: Download Build Up

Build Up Installation

After downloading the plugin from Codecanyon follow the instructions below:

  • Login to your WordPress website dashboard.
  • Go to the Plugins menu.
  • Click on the Add new & Upload plugin button.
  • Upload plugin zip file downloaded from Codecanyon
  • Install and Activate the plugin.

Get Benefits

  • In-depth marketing data.
  • Expert technical support.

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