How To Setup Build Up WooCommerce

Build up WooCommerce – Settings
In the general settings of Build up WooCommerce you can see the following options.
Build up WooCommerce – Tabs Settings
Enable Tabs: You can enable or disable the tabs for front-end.
Tabs Font Size: Set tabs font size for front-end appearance.
Tabs Background Color: Choose background color for tabs.
Tabs Title Color: Allow you to select the color for title.
Active Tab Background Color: You can select the active tab background color.
Active Tab Title Color: Select color for active tab title.
Tab Content Text Color: Admin can choose the color for tab content text.
Tab Content Background Color: You can choose the tab content background color.
Active Tab Border Color: Add the active tab border color.
Content Font Size: You can type font size for your text.

Build up WooCommerce Front-end View

build up woocommerce front-end view