How To Setup Build Up WooCommerce

Build up WooCommerce – Settings
In the general settings of Build up WooCommerce you can see the following options.
Build up WooCommerce – Tabs Settings
Enable Tabs: You can enable or disable the tabs for front-end.
Tabs Font Size: Set tabs font size for front-end appearance.
Tabs Background Color: Choose background color for tabs.
Tabs Title Color: Allow you to select the color for title.
Active Tab Background Color: You can select the active tab background color.
Active Tab Title Color: Select color for active tab title.
Tab Content Text Color: Admin can choose the color for tab content text.
Tab Content Background Color: You can choose the tab content background color.
Active Tab Border Color: Add the active tab border color.
Content Font Size: You can type font size for your text.

Build up WooCommerce – Charts Settings
Enable Charts: It allows you to enable or disable the Charts.
Enable Size Guide on Shop: However, admin can enable or hide the size guide on shop.
Open Chart with: You cna open chart either in a link or button.
Button/Link Position: Where to set the position of button or link select from options such as,
– After price
– After add to cart button
– Show in tab
– Before add to cart button
Button/Link Label: Type text for button or link label.
Popup Overlay Color: Choose color for popup overlay.
Table Cell Color: Admin can set color for table cell.
Table Rows Columns Color: Choose color for table column rows.
Table Cell Text Color: Select color for table cell text.

Build up WooCommerce – Product Description
Enable for Shop: Check option to enabe the product short description for shop.
Short Description Length: Add number of words count display at front-end.
Short Description Font Size: Admin can add the size for short description font.
Short Description Color: Select color for short description.
Short Description Style: You have three options of short description style such as, normal, italic, or oblique.
Enable Stock: Check the box to enable stock quantity for shop.
Enable SKU: Enable SKU for shop.
Enable Categories: It allows you to enable or disable the product categories for shop.
Enable Quantity: Check the box to enable product quantity for shop.
Show Sold Quantity: Furthermore, you can enable or hide number of quantity sold.

Build up WooCommerce – WhatsApp Order
Enable WhatsApp Order:
You can enable or disable Whatsaap enquiry for the products
Set WhatsApp Number: It allows you set Whatsapp number.
WhatsApp Description: Add text for WhatsApp description.

Build up WooCommerce – Sizes Charts
Add size guide for WooCommerce by mentioning the name of product with description and images. Furthermore, admin can add a new table increase or decrease product rows adding product description such as items sizes.

Sizes Charts – Front-end
You can see chart tab ab front-end.

Build up WooCommerce – Custom Tabs
Admin can add custom tabs by prioritising with number, dash icon and images.

Build up WooCommerce Pricing Table
When you add a new pricing table new table will be appeared showing table name, and position. For instance, store owner can also add multiple features by separating sign ‘||’ and adding button text.

Build up WooCommerce – Scheduler Settings
Enable Timer for Shop Page: Store owner can enable or hide timer for shop page.
Timer Label Types: You have two options for timer label either select full labels or sort labels like, Y M D S.

Scheduler Settings – Enrolled Users
You can see details of enrolled users.

Scheduler Settings – Enrollment Notification
Success Enrollment Message: Add custom text for success enrollment message.
Enrollment Message if Email Exist: If email exists type text for enrollment message.
Notify Me button text: Add custom text for notify me button.

Scheduler Settings – Notification
Notify Customers: Furthermore, the settings allows admin to notify customers for products availability such as,
– As soon as product becomes available.
– One day before product becomes available.
– One week before product becomes available.
Email Subject: Add text for email subject such as, acknowledgement message.
Email Body: Add text also tags can be used in the email {scheduled_content}.

Add New product
However, admin can add a new product then you can see following options for settings.
Product Tabs
Enable or disable default tabs. Furthermore, you can select default tabs, and custom tabs. Moreover, choose tab style from the following options.
– Tab style as sidebar
– Tab style in a Tab
– Tab style as Accordion

Features Bundle Pack – Product Charts
You have two options either enable or disable the size chart. There is also another option where you have to select sizes charts.

Features Bundle PackPricing Table
It allows you to enable or disable the pricing table. You have option to select the pricing table and set position either after cart button or show in product tabs.

Features Bundle PackAdvance Quantity
It allows you to enable or disable quantity for products. However, admin can set minimum and maximum quantity with quantity step.

Features Bundle PackProduct Schedule
Check box to enable the product Scheduler. Furthermore, you can add text before and after timer, select start and end date with start and end time.

Build up WooCommerce Front-end View

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