How To Setup Composite Products

How to add composite products
After the plugin installation and activation, add a new product under the products tab. Create new product select composite product from the drop-down. Now you can see ‘Add New Product’ button. However, when you click on add new button, you can see a new product appeared i.e. product # 1.
Add New Product Button
In the add new product button, you can see the following settings.
Product Name: Add the display name of your product for front-end.
Select Products: It allows you to select the product items.
Select Categories: However, you can select the specific products category.
Product Styles: Choose the style for your product from the drop-down.
– Drop-down
– Product Thumbnail
– Radio Button
Count Separately: Check or unchecked the option for count collectively or separately.
Set Discount In Percentage: You can add the desired percentage amount.
Required: Check the option to make the field as required.

Front-end view composite products
However, all the components of Composite Product Bundles added at the back-end appear on the front-end.