How To Setup Measurement Price Calculator

How to configure the general settings
In the general settings of Price Calculator you can see the following settings.
Pricing Table Range Label: It allows you to add custom name for the pricing table range label.
Pricing Table Discount Label: Allows you to add custom name for the pricing table discount label.
Pricing Table Price Label: Allows you to add custom name for the pricing table price label.
Pricing Table Highlight Color: Add custom color for the pricing table highlight color.
Pricing Table Text Color: Add custom color for the pricing table text color.
Input Fields Section Color: Add custom color for the input fields section color.

How to add composite products
After the plugin installation and activation, add a new product under the products tab. Create new product select Measurement units from the drop-down. You can see Price Measurement and Pricing Table tab.

Price Measurement – Measurement Units
In the price measurement, you can choose the option from the dropdown. Similarly, when you select the option, it will show you the pricing label options, different units and more.

Pricing Table
You can add different product quantity with different discounts display in a row.

Price per unit Demos
We add here a few demos of the product for your convenience.

Let’s see a demo for Product Pricing By Box.
When you select the measurement as box, You can add pricing label by your choice. However, there is various type of units so you can select by your requirement. Add custom text for label length and select the unit. You can also add a custom name for width label, and select unit from the drop-down. Similarly, for height as well.

For pricing, table add your number of product quantity with specific discounts.

Product Pricing By Box Front View
You can see box product view showing length, width and height options. However, you can also see pricing table range, pricing and discount.

There are seven pricing measurement units you can add by your requirements.

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