How to setup Product Schedule for Build up WooCommerce

In the product scheduler general settings you can see the following options.
Enable Timer for Shop Page: Store owner can enable or hide timer for shop page.
Timer Label Types: You have two options for timer labels either select full labels or short labels like Y M D S.

buildup woocommerce scheduler general settings

Scheduler Settings – Enrolled Users
In addition, you can see the details of enrolled users that show their email address and the status of their email.

buildup woocommerce enrolled users

Scheduler Settings – Enrollment Notification
Success Enrollment Message: Add custom text for success enrollment message.
Enrollment Message if Email Exist: If the email exists type text for enrollment message.
Notify Me button text: Add custom text for the notify me button.

buildup woocommerce scheduler enrollment notification

Scheduler Settings – Notification
Notify Customers: Furthermore, the settings allow admin to notify customers for products available such as,
– As soon as the product becomes available.
– One day before the product becomes available.
– One week before the product becomes available.
Email Subject: Add text for email subject such as acknowledgement message.
Email Body: Add text also tags can be used in the email {scheduled_content}.

buildup woocommerce scheduler notification

Product Schedule – Add A New Product
Check the box to enable the product Scheduler. Furthermore, you can add text before and after the timer, select start and end date with start and end time.

Product Scheduler Front-end View