How To Setup Profile Builder

Profile Builder End Points
When you click on end points you will find two tabs such as, general settings tab and tabs builder.
End Points – General Settings
In the general settings of Profile Builder you can see the following settings.
Enable Module: Click check the box if you want to enable the functionality of plugin.
Enable Avatar: It allows you to upload avatar.
Tabs Position: There’re three tabs positions so you can select by your choice.
– Default position
– Right position
– Horizontal position

End Points – Tabs Builder
It contains three tabs external links, internal links, and custom content.
External Links: For custom end point external link you can add custom link label, URL, end point icon, and add the user roles.
Internal Links: However, same goes for internal links.
Custom Content: You can add custom label, end point slug an icon, add user roles, and custom content for display.

Enable Posts: It allows you publish blogs.
Add Blog Endpoint Title: Add title for blog publish posts
Show Blog Endpoint Title: Allows you for Post end point title.
User Roles: However, select user roles already added.
Enable Terms Selection: The option allows customers to publish blogs with categories and tags.
Enable Image: You can allow customers to publish blogs with image.
Edit Posts: Allow customers to edit their blogs.
Delete Posts: Allow customers to delete their blogs.
Enable Auto Approval: Enable auto approval of blog publication.

Profile Builder – User Approval
New User Approval: For new user approval you have two options to select either manual approval or auto approval.
Message After User Registration: Set the message after user registration i.e. successfully registered.
Message After User Logged In: Set the message for after user logged in i.e. logged in successfully.
Enable Re-Enter Password: Enable re-enter password for email confirmation.
Password Length: Set the number of characters for password length.
Password Strength: Check single or multiple option (s) for password restriction.
– Must consist of upper letters.
– Must consist of numbers.
– Must consist of special characters.
Enable User Approval Email: Check this option to send email after user approval by admin.
Email Subject: Add subject for email approval.
Email Body: Add text for approved in the email body.
Enable User Disapproval Email: Check this option to send email after user disapproval by admin.
Email Subject: Add subject for email disapproval.
Email Body: Add text for disapproved in the email body.

Profile Builder – Redirects
Enable After Login:
It allows you to enable or disable to redirect after login.
Enable After Registration: Add URL for after registration such as:
Enable After Registration: It allows you to enable or disable to redirect after registration.
Redirect Link After Registration: Add redirect link for after registration such as,

ReCaptcha – General Settings
In the general settings of recaptcha add site and secret key.

ReCaptcha – Login Form Settings
Enable:For instance you can enable or disable the google recaptcha for login form.

ReCaptcha – Registration Form Settings
Enable: However, you can also enable or disable the google recaptcha for registration form.

Role Options – Registration With Role
Role Field Label:
It allows you to select the roles.
Is Field Required? Allows you to enable this option to make the User Role selection drop-down required field on user registration form.
Admin Approval For Requested Role: Check option for admin approval role?
Enable User Dashboard Message: If enabled, a message will be displayed on user’s dashboard about their pending User Role request.
User Dashboard Message: Allows to Add {requested_role} inside editor to show requested role.
Choose Role: However, you can select the role.

Role Options – Role Approval Notification
Request Approval Email:
If enabled, a notification will be sent to user about the approval of their requested user role.
Email Subject: Allows you to add email subject.
Message: Email body for the approval of User Role request.

Custom User Roles
Add new role with custom name, slug and description.

Profile Builder-Registration Forms
By default registration form contains 8 fields including check boxes, drop-down, text fields etc.
You can also see short-code [wpb_new_registration_form form_id=”174″] which allows you to display registration form when you paste it on any page.

Front end My Account Page
You can see different tabs as we have custom added such as, Google, Homepage, Good News, and Publish posts etc.