How To Setup Recover Abandoned Cart

Abandoned Cart – Settings
In the basic settings of Abandoned Cart you can see the following options.
Enable Module: The module will work if you check the option.
Cart Cut off Minutes: You can add the minutes to get the cart abandoned.
Delete Abandoned Cart: Add number of days to delete the abandoned cart after specific days.
Enable Pending Order Recovery: Enable or disable the pending order recovery.
Enable Admin Notification: It allows you to enable or disable the notification for email on recovery of abandoned cart.
Email Subject: Add email subject by your choice.
Email Body: Embed {customer_name} and {customer_email} to show customer name and email.
Check Cart Abandonment Duration: Select of the option from drop-down for check out cart abandoned duration.
– Every minute
– Each hour
– After half day
– Week
– Month

Abandoned Cart – Abandoned Carts
When a user add product items in a cart and left the cart becomes abandoned and save in the abandoned carts menu. However, you can see the items added, price, product quantity and total price.

Abandoned Cart – Email Template
For recover abandoned cart add a new email template name, with following options.
Enable: enable or disable the email option.
Email Type: Select the email type as abandoned or pending payment order.
Email Subject: Add the email subject.
Send After: For recover abandoned cart email select the option from drop-down as:
– No repeat
– Every minute
– Every 5 minutes
– Once in a hour
– Twice daily
– Once daily
– After 15 days
– Once in a month

Recover Abandoned Cart Front-end View
Furthermore, When you add product items at cart page you can see cross sign. When you click on cross sign two options will appear “Save for Later” and “No”. However, the cart becomes empty and item saves as abandoned.

For instance, when you click on “No” option then item will be removed and cart becomes empty. You can again add item to the cart or delete the item as shown below.