How To Setup Search And Bulk Order

WooCommerce Bulk Order – General Settings
In the general settings of Bulk Order you can see the following settings.
Short-code: Copy short-code then paste on any page [wcbo_bulk_order].
Thumbnail Title: Add thumbnail title by your choice.
Search Product Title: Add custom text for search product title.
Product Message: Add text for product message.
Quantity Field Title: Allows you to add text for quantity field title.
Price Field Title: Add text for price field title.
Action Title: However, you can also add text for action title.
Text between tables: It allows you to add or edit products.
Enable Message Field: Enable or disable the message field for each product.
Redirect Link: Add link for after form submission redirection.

Add New Page
Add new page with custom name copy short code [wcbo_bulk_order] from general settings then paste on any page. A table will be appeared at front end and shows page name, product thumbnail, search product, message, and add button.

Front-end View
Search and Bulk Order front-end view.