How To Setup WooCommerce Chained Products

WooCommerce Chained Products – General Settings
In the general settings of Chained Products you can see the following settings.
Chained Products Position: For chained products position you have three options such as,
– Before cart button
– After cart button
– Show in product tabs
Out Of Stock Items: However admin can make Chained Products out of stock if any one item is out of stock.

Add New Product
For Chained products add a new product under the products tab. Select the simple product from the drop-down. When you click on Chained products enable or disable check box can be seen. Now add your product specify the quantity with individual price. However, plus sign shows adding multiple product rows and cross sign shows to delete the product items.

Front-end View For Bundle Discounts
You can see chained products after add to cart button which allows you to add all the products in a single click.