How To Setup WooCommerce Custom Price

Custom Price – Price By Role
You can see the following settings in the price by role tab.
Select User Roles: Allows you to select the user roles.
Pricing Type: There are five options for pricing you can choose one of them.
– Increased by fixed price
– Increase by percentage price
– Decrease by fixed price
– Decrease by percentage price
– Fixed price

Custom Price General Settings
Donation Box Color:
It allows you to select color for donations box.
Donation Box Text Color: It allows you to select text color of donation box.
Border Color: Admin can select box border color.
Donation Item Color: However, you can set donation item background color.
Donation Item Checked Color: When you click on item it chages background color.
Item Text Color: It allow you set text color of your item.
Item Checked Text Color: Set text color of item checked.
Donation Button Color: You can select the donation color of your button.
Donation Text Color: Select the color of your donation text.
Warning Text Color: Furthermore, you can also add text for warning text.

Custom Price – Name Your Price
Custom Price Field Label:
It allows you to enter text for price field label.
Add To Cart Button Text: Admin can enter the add to cart button text.
Minimum Price Error: It allows you to add minimum price error.
Maximum Price Error: You can add maximum price error text.
Redirect After Add To Cart: You have three options to redirect after add to cart.
– Cart page
– Checkout page
– Redirect back to same page

Custom Price – Donation
Enable For Cart:
You can enable or disable donation for cart page.
Set Donation Item: Select the campaign for donation item.
Enable For Checkout: Admin can enable or disable donation for checkout page.
Set Donation Item: Admin can set donation item for campaign.
Enable For Shop: You can enable or disable the donation product for shop page.
Enable For Shop: Choose one of the options for shop page.
– On Hold
– Completed
– Processing
– Pending
Redirect After Donation: Check any option for redirect after donation.
– Cart page
– Checkout page
– Redirect back to same page