How To Setup WooCommerce Membership

Membership General Settings
In the basic settings of Membership plugin you can see the following options.
Restricted Posts Redirection URL:
Admin can set redirection URL for restrict post.
Product Restriction Method: Choose option for product restriction such as either,
– Make product not purchasable
– Redirect to specific URL
Enable Admin Access to Restricted Content: When admin check this option he/she will be able to access all the content.
Reminder of Membership Expiration: You have two options such as,
– Before a day
– Before a week
Order Status: You can assign membership to user by order status by choosing one of the option such as, on hold, completed, processing, or pending.

Membership – All Plans
Add a new plan with membership information.
Membership – General Settings
In the general membership information you can enable or disable the plan.

Plans Assignment Email
You can enable or disable option for email.

Expiry Email
You can enable or disable the option for expiry email.

Membership At Product Level
It allows you to select the memberships with membership expiry in days, months or years. Furthermore, you can also choose the option from the following.
– No restriction
– All members
– All non members
– members with specific plans
– Users without specific plans