How To Setup WooCommerce Tiered Pricing

Tiered Pricing – General Settings
Restrict Add to Cart:
You can allow or restrict add to cart if quantity range doesn’t meet.
Hide Pricing Table: You can enable to hide the pricing table for products.
Hide Pricing Summary: Admin can hide product pricing summary
Enable Pricing Range: You can enable or disable the pricing range of discount table.
Table Position: However, you can choose one option for table position from the following:
– Show in tab
– Before cart buttons
– After cart buttons

Tiered Pricing – Display Settings
Table Hover Background Color:
Select the table hover backrground color by your choice.
Table Hover Text Color: Admin can select the table hover backrground color.
Quantity Label: Add custom value in the quantity label such as, ‘Quantity’.
Discount Label: Add discount label text.
Price Label: Add price lable text by you rchoice.
Product Tab Label: Add text for product tab label.
Summary Label: Add text for summary label.
Content Before Pricing Table: Add text before pricing table.
Content After Pricing Table: Add text after pricing table.

Tiered Pricing – Global Settings
Enable Product Pricing: Enable or disable the product pricing.
Enable Product Pricing: Allows product pricing either in percentage or fixed.
Pricing Table: Furthermore, you can add pricing table quantity value with discount as well.

Tiered Pricing Settings At Product Level
At product edit page you can see Tiered pricing tab which shows following settings.
Visibility: Admin can choose one option from the following.
Enable Unique: This applies the rule set at product level instead of global level.
Enable Inherit: Global rule set will be applied instead of product level.
Disable: For instance, no rule set will be applied when you select disable option.

Set Min / Max Quantity
You have option to enable or disable the min and max quantity. However, you can add min quantity and max quantity for add to cart restriction.

Global Pricing

When visibility is set inherit at product edit page then global settings will be applied.

Tiered Pricing – Price By Quantity Front-end View