• Build Up WooCommerce

    With Build Up WooCoomerce you can customize features for the products. It allows to add custom product tabs that can be shown in three ways i.e. in tabs, accordion, and sidebar. Furthermore, you can see a popup size chart on the shop page and archive page. Features For Build Up WooCoomerce  Show custom product tabs […]
  • Merchandise WooCommerce – Sort Products For Shop & Category Pages

    Merchandise WooCommerce extension allows store owners to sort the products at the top or reorder them by drag & drop. It helps you to sort the products by your choice at the specific era for selling more. Hence, you can randomly select and rearrange products.   Merchandise WooCommerce Features Re-arrange or re-order the products by […]
  • WooCommerce Box Products – Multi Step Order Builder Plugin

    WooCommerce Box Products allow users to select specific products/categories. Users can be limited at each step by admin while choosing the items. At the same time, customers can create a bundle and go for each level of their own choice. It is also helpful for multiple-choice options.   Features for WooCommerce Box Products Allows to […]
  • WooCommerce Bulk Shop – Product Bundle Table Plugin

    WooCommerce Bulk Shop Add-on is suitable easily shop in a bulk quantity. Users can view the product table after creating multiple shortcodes. Furthermore, supports simple and variation products, and for products recommends simple, and bulk add to cart button.   Bulk Shop Key Features Customers can shop products in a bulk quantity Display or hide […]
  • WooCommerce Buy Again Plugin

    Buy Again for WooCommerce is benficail for customers to repurchase products. You can easily bu products again saved at my account page. It allows to again reorder of the products which customers have alreasy purchase. It is easy to customize and configure that supports product variations.
  • WooCommerce Chained Products – Bundles, Discounts, Force sells & More

    Chained Products plugin for WooCommerce allows you to measure price per unit to buy products of your interest. Product items are displayed at three different positions: in the product tab, before and after add to cart button. Key Features For WooCommerce Chained Products It allows you to get bundle discounts Add many items as chained […]
  • WooCommerce Composite Product Bundles Plugin

    Composite Product Bundles Plugin allows users to add fields on the composite product page. They can add a selection of multiple products by their choice. Furthermore, helps for discount on the component field and supports for individual and combined pricing.   Key Features Of Composite Products It allows for multiple products and categories to each […]
  • WooCommerce Custom Price Plugin

    Custom Price for WooCommerce Add-on allows merchandisers to set minimum & maximum price of the products. However, they can take benefit from paying the cost within their limits. It supports simple and variable products. Custom Price plugin is also suitable for collecting donations, tips, and much more. Features For the Custom price WooCommerce Users can […]
  • WooCommerce Customize My Account Page Plugin

    Customize My Account Page for WooCommerce is developed with a simple drag and drop builder. It is developed with custom content, internal & external links, and lots of endpoints. Thus, users can choose an avatar image for their profile. For specific user roles, you can enable or hide the endpoints.   Features Of Customize My […]
  • WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator – Price Per Unit Plugin

    WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator is used to calculate products by different units. However, the price per unit supports up to 7 measurement units including, length, volumem box area, walls, box, weight, and 3d volume. Furthermore, users can get pricing after adding their required values. A pricing table is included which allows to add product quantity […]
  • WooCommerce Membership Plugin

    WooCommerce membership plugin is used to restrict posts or taxonomy. However, it is also used to create unlimited membership plans with a specific predefined plan. You can purchase these plans with WooCommerce products. If customers hold any membership plan or another rule he can access taxonomy or posts. For product purchase, you can add customers […]
  • WooCommerce Product Addons – Ultimate Product Options Plugin

    WooCommerce product add-ons provide the solution to merchants with unlimited product options. The plugin supports up to 16 field options. You can charge from your customers upon every add-on field.   Product Options Features Supports up to 16 fields Create unlimited product addon fields Product addon field with conditional logic Add multiple fields, such as […]