WooCommerce Bulk Shop – Product Bundle Table Plugin

WooCommerce Bulk Shop – Product Bundle Table Plugin

Customers are always in a hurry and want to add products from your online store quickly. Besides, it saves precious time. WooCommerce Bulk Shop empowers the customer to add bulk products to the cart with a single click. For instance, you can generate shortcodes with the product bundle table to display the product table. In other words, you can show the bundle table on any page.

However, you can set the number of products to display per page with product categories. Similarly, add the custom name and description of the bundle table. There are other features which allow you to limit the customers for specific character length. For instance, customers can print the product table as well. Thus, customers can filter the products with the category filter.

Key Features For WooCommerce Bulk Shop

  • Customers can shop bulk products in one click.
  • Allows to create multiple shortcodes.
  • Create page then page shortcode to view bulk product table.
  • Supports both products simple and variations of variable product
  • Supports filter category, filter search and others.
  • Allows to add to cart products individually or in bulk.
  • Hide/show products’ SKU.
  • Enable/Hide products’ description.
  • Hide/show products’ stock.
  • Enable/hide individual add to cart button in each row.
  • Choose the display color for the bundle product table.
    Supports for change labels at the frontend.

Generate Shortcode With Bulk Shop

The bulk shop extension is easy to use, where you can generate unlimited shortcodes. When you create a shortcode, it is quite simple to click on the generate shortcode button, then copy and paste on any page. Therefore, customers can shop in bulk and view the product table on any page.

WooCommerce Bulk Shop

Product Bundle Table View

Bulk shop allows you to print your product items. Furthermore, it displays your name of the product, price, quantity, and subtotal as well. Besides, you can select a category and number of items to display from the drop-down.

WooCommerce Bulk Shop

Where to get the plugin

Bulk Shop plugin is used to create hundreds of bulk order products to a cart in a single click. However, if you want to download this product, you can get this from here, Buy Product.

Get Benefits:

⦁ In-depth marketing data.
⦁ In-depth product documentation.
⦁ Expert technical support.

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How to Setup WooCommerce Bulk Shop

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