WooCommerce Composite Product Bundles

WooCommerce Composite Product Bundles

Suppose you want to allow your users to compose their products by their choice. You want to notice the behaviour of your customers. In other words, how they feel when they configure the composite product? WooCommerce Composite Product Bundles empowers to add multiple composite product items. Besides, on composite product page, there are multiple product selection fields available. However, customers can select the items to build a composite product.

Key Features For Composite Product Bundles

  • Enable/disable per item shipping
  • Enable/disable per item pricing
  • Allows to select product and product categories on product page
  • Display product style as, thumbnail, drop-down, and radio button
  • Set discount in percentage on products or categories.
  • Build products based on component
  • Allows to add individual or combined pricing
  • Supports both simple and variations of variable products.
  • Provide discounts on any component field.

How Composite Product Bundles Works

When you visit the product page, add a new product, select the Composite Product from product data. For instance, you will be able to add multiple components. However, you can add individual products for each component and categories as well. Furthermore, you can also set the type of the component. You can set one of three options for items display as a field either, drop-down, radio buttons, or boxes of items. After that, you can set a discount for components in percentage as well.

Product Bundles Front End View

Customers can select product options from the drop-down. Besides, he/she can choose Ram and CPU options, then add additional options and shown in the image. In conclusion, these fields appear after back-end settings.

WooCommerce Composite Product Bundles

WooCommerce Composite Product Bundles Available For Customers

You can select product by choice available for customers. For instance, you can select the product list and category.

WooCommerce Composite Product Bundles

Where To Get The Plugin

Composite Product Bundles Plugin lets you add the multiple product field selection on the composite product page. Above all, for each component, you can add specific items or categories.
If you want to download this product, you can get this from here: Composite Product Bundles Plugin.


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  • In-depth marketing data.
  • In-depth product documentation.
  • Expert technical support.

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