WooCommerce Custom Price Plugin

custom price plugin

WooCommerce Custom Price Plugin

WooCommerce Custom Price Plugin provides a way for the customers to pay the custom price for their products. However, it also allows you for minimum and maximum set price limits for the products.

Furthermore, it helps you to collect donations, tips, and much more. It supports both variations of variable products and simple products.

Features Of Custom Price

  • The extension allows you to pay a custom price.
  • However, it is more suitable for tips, donations, and much more.
  • Allows you to enable or hide custom price module.
  • Add custom minimum and maximum product prices.
  • Supports both variations of variable and simple products.


Custom Price Settings

In general settings, you can enable or hide custom price module. Add custom price field label, add custom cart button text. However, you can add custom text for minimum and maximum price errors.
It also allows you to select the option from the following:

  • Cart page
  • Checkout page
  • Redirect back to the same page
woocommerce custom price general settings

Where To Get The Plugin


WooCommerce Custom Price empowers customers to add custom price for available products. If you want to download the plugin please Click here: Download Custom Price

Get Benefits

  • In-depth marketing data.
  • In-depth product documentation.
  • Expert technical support.

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