WooCommerce Membership Plugin

WooCommerce Membership Plugin

In this article, you will learn how to manage the WooCommerce Membership plan to your customers. Moreover, selling more products increases earnings. Therefore, you can easily sell membership plans, assign plans or restrict to your customers.

Membership Plugin empowers you to allow or restrict members for membership plans. In other words, these plans relate to WooCommerce products. When membership plan assigned to a user, he/she can purchase the product.

Furthermore, you can add automatically or manually membership for product purchase. Similarly, when the membership expires, users get a notification for the membership plan.

Key Features Of WooCommerce Membership

  • Custom add unlimited membership plans.
  • Sell membership plan with WooCommerce products.
  • Auto-assign membership plans to users for product purchases.
  • Add manually unlimited users to each membership plan.
  • Membership plans expiry date.
  • Users restriction by various conditions.
  • Restriction for plan assign to any taxonomy or post.
  • Users restrict with a specific plan.
  • Users are not restricted with specific plan.
  • Furthermore, users can be restricted with any membership plan.
  • Restrict users without any membership plan.
  • Restrict users to products purchase.
  • Users receive a notification when the plan is assigned.
  • Users receive a notification when the membership plan expires.
  • Redirect users to specific URLs for restricted content.

WooCommerce Membership General Settings

The basic settings of the membership plugin restrict post by redirect URL. However, admin can enable/disable option for access to restricted content. In addition, you can send reminders to users for membership expiration either before a day or before a week. For instance, assign the membership to users by order status, such as completed, on hold, processing, and pending.

WooCommerce Membership Settings

You can add custom Membership Plans by your choice. You can enable/disable option for email notification as well. Besides, the admin can view or remove all the membership users. Similarly, when membership plans expires users will get notification about expiry date.

WooCommerce Membership


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⦁ In-depth product documentation.
⦁ Expert technical support.

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